Rubberella The Facility Part 5

Looking dangerously sexy in her dark latex catsuit, Rubberella (Jean Bardot) leads her pet Anastasia Pierce into her dungeon, where yet another faceless rubberslave waits silently in her cage. Anastasia's beauty is quickly hidden beneath an inflatable hood and gas mask, an ebony coating that matches her head-to-toe black latex. Rubberella bids her to crawl into a snug, plexiglass box, where she can observe her lovely Owner tormenting her fellow slave, and patiently wait her turn.Slave Sandra, the dungeon's other resident cannot see, cannot speak, she merely waits in her full-body latex catsuit anticipating a punishment that she cannot prepare for but surely must know is coming. Rubberella does not keep her waiting long. Every time the Dominatrix touches the girl's cage, it lights up, sending electric shocks that jolt the girl inside. With the slightest tap of her gloved fingertips, the Mistress causes the slave undo agony, emitting muffled screams into her mask and gag. Anastasia can only look on helplessly, knowing full well that once Rubberella is done with Sandra, it will be her turn next.

Featuring:  Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Oct 24, 2016

Video Length: 07:20

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