Rubberella Latex Bound Part 5

Jean Bardot and Mistress Sandra retrieve their slaves from the dungeon. The slave in red is unhooked from her position in the bondage chair, and quickly slipped into a full-body restraint made from rubber. Her hood and blindfold makes her completely dependent on the Mistresses, and that's just the way they like it. The slave in blue is unzipped from her inflatable sleep sack, but her hot, sweaty skin is granted only the sweetest taste of fresh air, as she's immediately placed into a see-through latex catsuit with matching hood, and arm binders. As the Dommes trot off with their prizes, a sense of nervousness begins to overtake the slaves. The catsuited girl tries to resist as she's placed in a heavy wooden box, but with her arms bound behind her back, she's no match for these two determined Dommes. An inflatable hood is slipped over her head, and as Jean begins pumping, the futility of her struggles becomes more and more apparent.

Featuring:  Claudia, Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Mar 18, 2017

Video Length: 08:35

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