Rubberella Latex Bound Part 4

Mistress Sandra is delighted to be hosting her fellow Dominatrix, Miss Jean Bardot. She's especially excited to show off her extensive collection of bondage wear and fetish gear, and Jean most certainly approves. But what's the point in inspecting bondage equipment without a physical demonstration? With the slaves indisposed, the Dommes begin trying the gear on for one another; first Sandra puts on a pair of inflatable ball-mitts, then Jean gets laced up in elbow-length, interlocking gloves. She counters by asking Sandra if she can demonstrate the arm binders on her, and by that time a friendly rivalry has developed. A battle of wills hidden behind smiling faces leaves the Women switching back and forth, dominating one another with seductive grace. But it's not until Jean is slipped into a gorgeous latex straightjacket that we come to realize that Mistress Sandra seems to be harboring a dark fantasy of taking full ownership over her fellow Domme. And it looks like she just might have plans to act on it.

Featuring:  Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Feb 23, 2017

Video Length: 15:30

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