Rubberella Latex Bound Part 3

Retrieved from her solitary prison, slavegirl #2 is beset upon by the insatiably dominant duo of Jean Bardot and Mistress Sandra. Black and blue latex shimmers as she is stripped of her bonds, and stripped of her dignity, then led to a bed where she is zipped away in a rubber sleep sack. Hooded so that she can no longer gaze upon the beauty of her divine Mistresses, her body is belted and bound, the only thing left exposed being her crotch. The Dommes take full advantage, trading glances and smiling lustfully as they place a suction cup around her sweetness, and begin pumping with enthusiasm. Once her pussy is forcefully engorged, the Goddesses activate an air compressor, inflating the rubber sack. Both slaves fully occupied and helpless, the Ladies find delight in their struggles, watching over them with the keen satisfaction that's exclusively reserved for a predator which has triumphed over it's prey.

Featuring:  Claudia, Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Feb 12, 2017

Video Length: 08:44

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