Rubberella Latex Bound Part 2

Leading the slaves into the punishment room by the leash, the girls are quickly separated. One gets locked away in an observation room, while the other is strapped into a bondage chair, arms forced into binding gloves, legs parted by stirrups. Mistress Sandra and Jean Bardot keep her calm by softly petting her, their gloved hands running over her nipples, along the length of her legs, and gently massage the latex panties resting over her pussy. Nervousness in her eyes, the slave's irregular breathing conveys a mix of excitement and fear, while the Dommes continue to seduce her with their soft caresses. Deeper and deeper the sub sinks, giving in to their touch, as they contrast the pleasure with the pain of nipple clamps, breast expanding suction cups, and the anal insertion of an inflatable dildo. By the time Mistress Sandra is strapping a hood on her, complete with blindfold and ball-gag, the girl's brain has melted into a mush of desire, need, lust and gratitude.

Featuring:  Claudia, Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Feb 4, 2017

Video Length: 17:06

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