Ivy Manor Slaves 2 House Duties Part 3

Rambunctious slaves Darling and Jewell Marceau have displeased their Mistress with their horseplay, breaking one of Isabella Sinclaire's flower vases, and now it's time to pay. Isabella wants to know exactly who broke the vase, and so she chains them up, side-by-side, and begins tanning their backsides with her trusty red flogger. Ballgags in their mouths, the slaves couldn't confess if they wanted to, but then again that's part of the fun for beautiful sadist Isabella. The interrogation continues, involving the riding crop, weighted nipple clamps, and a particularly painful leather strap. But it's the cane that makes the girls break, the deep red welts it leaves behind are like miniature confessions all their own. Confessions of the girls' deep need to submit. Confessions of Isabella's richly sadistic nature. The Dominatrix plays the girls like a musical instrument; first a gasp out of Jewell, then a squealing moan out of Darling, each little note bringing a prideful smile to the Domme's face. By the time she locks them in the cage for the night, all three are secure in their place in the world, exactly where they belong; Isabella on top, slaves beneath her at the bottom, red asses glowing in silent tribute. None of them would have it any other way.

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Jan 25, 2017

Video Length: 10:13

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