Ivy Manor Slaves 1 Corporate Submission part 3

Jewell Marceau returns to Isabella Sinclaire's office, only to find her partner, Eden Wells missing. The beautiful Dominatrix is more than happy to show her where she can find her blonde companion: naked and kneeling in the next room, answering to the title of "slave". Eden has made her choice, now it's time for Jewell to make one of her own. Isabella forces the busty brunette over a table, confronting the girl with her obvious need to submit. Once Jewell has settled down and accepted her true nature, she begins following the Domme's orders to strip, before padlocking herself into shackles. Once the sting of Isabella's flogger begins kissing her backside, it's clear to all that she's exactly where she belongs. Eden watches, her face a portrait of shock with just the slightest hint of jealousy, while Jewell moans with each strike. Once the whipping is through, the blonde is turned into a stool for the Mistress, while Jewell crawls forward to kiss Isabella's awaiting feet, passionately thanking her for all the attention she's graciously shown the newfound slave. Starring Jewell Marceau, Isabella Sinclaire and Eden Wells!

Featuring:  Eden Wells, Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Jan 11, 2017

Video Length: 09:11

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