Ivy Manor 2 Part 4

Even the most devoted servants can be led astray. Slave Jennifer's discipline session at the hands of Isabella Sinclaire has left her with a renewed vigor for serving her Mistress faithfully and properly. But as she wanders the halls of the Ivy Manor, tightly bound and carrying a jar of honey on a serving tray, the young girl finds herself in the midst of temptation once again. Masked and wicked, the latex-clad Mia Pavelli entices Jennifer (Jewell Marceau) to join her in the bathroom for some naughty girl-on-girl fun. At first, squeals of muffled protest emanate through Jennifer's gag as Mia commandeers the honey obviously meant for Mistress Isabella's snack, but all that fussing quickly ceases once bad girl Mia goes to work on her. Mia drizzles and drips the honey all over her captive lover, washing Jennifer's breasts in the sticky mess and licking up the sweet droplets. They take turns fondling, kissing, and worshipping each other's bodies, Jennifer seduced, Mia spellbinding, the two playing a lesbian game of carnal delights and irresponsible desire. Their passions swell until Mia overturns the honeypot all over Jennifer's upturned face, coating her submissive admirer in a sweet, golden glazeā€¦

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau, Mia Pavelli

Date Added: Feb 15, 2017

Video Length: 07:36

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