Ivy Manor 2 Part 6

Isabella Sinclaire knows a thing or two about preparing her slaves… It seems Jennifer Mckenzie has exasperated her mistress and proven to be an excessively troublesome servant. For this, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire has decided to ship her off to a friend, one with the time and patience to give the naughty girl the discipline she so desperately needs. But first, she must be properly prepared for the voyage. It begins with ear-plugs, sound being an oft-overlooked aspect of sensory deprivation; and Isabella is very interested in depriving poor Jennifer (Jewell Marceau). Next comes the hood, sleek black latex that incites the wanton slave to lick her lips in excitement. Will she still be excited, one wonders, as the collars come on and heavy bondage ensues? As the thick belts are cinched tight, locking her into a hogtied position? As the gas mask comes on and her air is restricted? And when her Mistress drowns her body in packing peanuts, just before closing the lid and locking her away in the trunk, will it excite her most of all? It's kind of hard to tell through all the muffled moans…

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Mar 6, 2017

Video Length: 07:30

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