Ivy Manor 2 Part 3

The Ivy Manor can be an unforgiving place. All Jennifer had to do was shuffle over to her Mistress in her ballet boots and shackles and offer the Woman a glass of water. Instead, she tripped over the foot of Mistress Damiana (or was she tripped?), spilling the water all over Isabella Sinclaire and earning her Owner's fury. And so she finds herself here. The victim of a cruel and ingenious torture, a prisoner to her Mistress's inventive discipline. Standing upon pyramids of steadily melting ice, Jennifer (Jewell Marceau) holds between her teeth the strand that offsets the ice weight attached to her nipple clamps. As the ice between her toes melts, the clamps are pulled tighter, and if she drops the weight, its full heft will be felt upon her sensitive, sore nipples. But Isabella is not about to make her slave suffer in solitude. She promptly arrives to antagonize the poor girl further; ice water in hand, Wartenburg wheel prepped and devious mind at the ready. Will Jennifer be able to hold the weight, sparing her nipples further anguish? Or will Isabella distract her into dropping the weight, turning the girl into an accomplice to her own torment?

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Feb 6, 2017

Video Length: 09:29

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