Ivy Manor 2 Part 2

Damiana is a budding dominatrix, getting in some flogging practice on the shapely behind of the lovely Eden Wells, as Mistress Isabella Sinclaire lounges on the couch and looks on approvingly. Isabella decides to give the junior Domme a few pointers, showcasing her double flogger technique for her sadistic student's enlightenment. Slave Eden's delicious backside is flogged and paddled, before these two merciless Dommes decide to stop taking turns and show her Real Discipline with a Dominatrix double-team. Isabella takes the front, Damiana takes the back, as they simultaneously flog poor Eden, teasing the beautiful blonde as she dances in agony at the ends of their whips.

Featuring:  Damiana, Eden Wells, Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Jan 30, 2017

Video Length: 13:51

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