Ivy Manor 2 Part 1

Dawn arrives and another glorious day begins for the lovely Isabella Sinclaire. She turns over in bed to come face-to-hooded face with her slave, hogtied and covered head-to-toe in heavy black rubber. She daintily traces her fingertips over the warm leather and sleek rubber, teasing her sub and flipping the switch on the vibrator plugged deep inside the helpless girl. The buzzing of the vibrator is overshadowed by the soft moans escaping from behind her gag, as Mistress Sinclaire smiles sweetly into her tormented slave's blindfolded face. Of course, Isabella takes great pride in the dress and appearance of her servants, favoring the girl with a bondage-heavy dress-up session in order to prepare her for a long, hard day of service. The bonds are unstrapped, and the slave is slipped into a latex maid's outfit. Her corset is cinched tight, ballet boots guided on to her feet, hands bound with tape then chained behind her back. As Mistress Isabella delicately, methodically trusses her pet, the girl once known as Jennifer McKenzie begins a new day as a slave within the Ivy Manor. Starring Mistress Isabella Sinclaire & Jewell Marceau

Featuring:  Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau

Date Added: Jan 19, 2017

Video Length: 10:40

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