Heavy Rubber 2 Part 5

Mistress Jean Bardot believes that in order for a slave to submit to her, it must first undergo a transformation, a metamorphosis into something worthy of serving her. This ethos is front and center in this hot clip from the film Rubber Mistress. Jean takes her time with her subject, tightly cinching up laces and binding her slave in thick, heavy rubber, shackling his arms from a suspension bar high above his head. An ultra-thick collar, hood and corset are applied, before the slave is ritualistically oiled up to a slick, sleek shine; a look far more appropriate for a pet about to serve and submit to a Goddess such as herself. His distress means very little in comparison to the gift she's given him… Starring Jean Bardot!

Featuring:  Jean Bardot

Date Added: Jan 14, 2017

Video Length: 09:16

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