Crimson Mansion 4 Part 2

Hooded and blind. Bound and helpless. Mistress Brianna (Jean Bardot) has Mistress Sandra right where she wants her; restrained in a straitjacket, gagged, and under her complete control. In the confines of the Crimson Mansion, even a Mistress can know slavery, as Brianna continues to exploit her power over all those around her. Wrapped in white latex, only the folds of Sandra's pussy are exposed to the cool air, Brianna's tormenting fingers alternating between giving Sandra the stimulation she craves, and callously swatting her latex-coated ass. The slave can hardly retain her balance as the Mistress goes from harsh spanking to teasing massage, and Brianna can only smile. The slave aches either way.

Featuring:  Jean Bardot, Sandra

Date Added: Aug 7, 2016

Video Length: 12:23

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